White-labeled Zapier, embedded in your SaaS apphWWWWToday.

Add self-serve integrations to your SaaS product natively, with a white-labeled Zapier alternative. Embedded in your app and fully customizable.

Why Rollout

Revenue Growth

Don't send customers outside your product to pay Zapier. Let them upgrade to your Premium Plan instead for integrations.

Frictionless UX

Customize the UI so its easy to connect your product with others. Companies see 3X more integration usage with Rollout and less churn.

You own it

With Rollout, you control everything. It's open-source and there's no vendor lock in. Host with us or self-host. Access your data directly. Customize anything you want.

Go live this week

Deploy Rollout in 3 steps: auto-convert your Zapier project to a Rollout project, drop-in our UI components and deploy.

Peter Dun

Founder at Feathery

Feathery customers have a strong preference for direct integrations over needing to sign up and pay for a third-party platform like Zapier. This can be the difference between having a customer convert or churn, especially for popular integrations. Rollout's configurability (faster polling times, flexible integration UI, polling architecture) also made it a much better option for us.

Austin Rolling

CEO at Outfield

Rollout's integrations have unlocked larger deals and revenue that were previously out of reach for Outfield. Their easy set up process, highly customizable offering, and personalized customer support beats any alternative product right now.

Josh Ledgard

Founder at Kickoff Labs

It’s been great having Rollout manage our integrations with 3rd party services. Our customers don’t have to sign up for yet another service since we’re able to roll it into our own plans.

Dave Kloba

CEO at Formkeep

I highly recommend Rollout for anyone looking for a hassle-free way to add integrations to their own offerings. Rollout’s setup process is incredibly easy and the team is highly responsive, providing excellent customer support throughout the entire process. The quality of their offering is top-notch.

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