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The answers for the most frequently asked questions.

What is a task?

A task is any action in either your app or a third party app, e.g. posting a message to a Slack channel or creating an item in your app. Rollout only bills for successful tasks.

What if I need help implementing Rollout?

You can always contact us for implementation support. For companies on the Pro & Enterprise plan we create implementation plans and also offer professional services to help accelerate your roll out.

What do I do if I need an integration you don't support?

Let us know! Our integrations team will prioritize it, for Pro & Enterprise plan members we deliver them in 1-2 weeks and can provide SLAs you can share with your customers.

What if I have more questions?

Send us an email at [email protected] or use the live chat on this website and we'll get back to you shortly.